10 Canadian Marijuana Stocks to Invest in Right Now

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Canadian Marijuana Stocks

Since Canada has legalized marijuana for recreational use, there is a chance that you will find more people trading in Canopy Growth Stock. There is no doubt that at the moment Canada has the biggest marijuana stock companies. Everyone would now want to get a piece of the Canadian marijuana market. To help you easily make up your mind, we get to share the top 10 Canadian marijuana stocks you can access right now. Let us get started.

  1. Canopy Growth Corp

This is one of the top brands in the Canadian market. It does come with a diverse portfolio in the marijuana business. Thanks to also the production capacity, you get so many people opting for the brand. With the best branding also, the company is also able to outshine the competitors. On overall, the brand has grown immensely over the years to be one of the best right now.

Other than Canada, the brand is also established in places such as Columbia, Chile, and Brazil.

  1. Aphria Inc.

This is definitely another brand to consider when it comes to the Canadian stocks. It started small, but has now expanded to Latin America and even the Caribbean. It is going to deliver its services to up to 300 million people. This makes it one of the best companies to invest in right now. Since it is trying to get the global exposure, trading in its stock is a great thing.

  1. Aurora Cannabis Inc.

This is a one stop shop for all the marijuana needs you might have. It has gone on to acquire rivals such as MedReleaf to make the company even bigger. The brand has two production facilities large enough to meet the consumer demands. With such moves, it is possible to see why more people would want a piece of the brand. It also has the lucrative licenses that other brands would wish to have.

  1. CannTrust Holdings Inc.

The brand has made moves recently in the medical and recreational marijuana. It has even made the most moves to be ranked on this list. If you are an investor looking for a diverse stock, then this is it. It is always appealing to people looking to invest in both medical and recreational marijuana. Thanks to its multiple published reports, it goes to show that the brand knows what it is selling.

  1. Namaste Technologies Inc.

The brand has a high tech approach to the marijuana industry. It does come with some impressive programs to manage all their operations. The aim is to have the best data analytics to ensure that they give the use the best and right personalized shopping experience. You are always going to enjoy the overall performance of the company.

  1. The Cronos Group

This company was among the first brands dealing in cannabis to appear also on the Nasdaq in the U.S. Since then, the brand has been getting the best in terms of performance. The marijuana stock has continued to plow ahead of the others in the game. The company has a market cap of $1.2B which is quite good.

  1. Organigram Holdings

This is still a great stock to invest in. It has proven to the users that it can develop some of the best strains for them to use. You will also get that it has top quality management team. This is what has made the brand to expand easily and return value for money to the investors.

  1. The Hydropothecary Corporation

This is still a nice option for you to consider right now. It is among the top licensed produces when it comes to cannabis. It has been able to live up to the user expectations and that is why it is still around. It is also working on unique recreational cannabis strains to ensure proper maintenance of their market share. It also comes with a lot of promise to be one of the best.

  1. Emerald Health Therapeutics

This brand is good in terms of having the best production capacity. With its impressive production capacity, it is able to meet the demands of the consumers. Emerging reports even show that the brand is likely to increase its production soon. This is because they have set up a new facility in Vancouver. You should definitely consider it.

  1. OrganiGram Holdings

It might be the last on the list, but it is still a good option as the best Canopy Growth Stock. The company portfolio is impressive to make more people feel it is worth getting it for themselves right now. Other than having dry cannabis and cannabis oil for sale, you can still get other accessories such as vaporizers from the same company.

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