4 Celebrities Who Use CBD Oil

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celebrities cbd oil

CBD or cannabidiol has been getting more and more popular, even among celebrities. Here are 4 celebrities who have been known to use CBD for their wellness.

  1. Whoopi Goldberg

Comedienne and actress Whoopi Goldberg has not been hiding her cannabis usage. In fact, she is very open about it. For glaucoma and stress, she has been using vape pens. She even set up Maya & Whoopi, her very own medical marijuana company, whch sells THC bath soaks and CBD topicals, salves, tinctures and edibles.

  1. Mandy Moore

As an actress and a singer, Many Moore uses high heels very often, causing pain in her heels. To relieve this pain, she makes use of lotion infused with CBD.

  1. Tommy Chong

Tommy Chong is a musician, director, actor and comedian. He has always been a staunch supporter of marijuana. Recently battling prostate cancer, he said that he is now mostly free of cancer with the help of medical marijuana. He has even partnered with the company Diamond CBD, Inc. in releasing Chong’s Choice CBD. The products in this line include vapes, gummies and oils.

  1. Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman suffered pain chronically due to an accident last 2008. He has always advocated the legalization of marijuana. He uses different CBD products to treat his pain.

This is just a short list, but there are plenty other start looking for CBD for Sale


CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive component derived from hemp and cannabis. It is an herbal supplement rising in popularity in the UK and US. Because it does not get you high, it is completely legal.

CBD is not THC

Hemp plants, where CBD hemp oil is usually derived from, contain very little THC, meaning it cannot put you into states of euphoria. There is a common misconception that it can get you high because it comes from cannabis. That is definitely untrue because it is not a psychoactive like THC, but just like THC, it can benefit your wellness and health.

What CBD oil does

CBD oil can promote relaxation and reduce anxiety. It can also relieve pains and aches. With the effects it has on serotonin and other chemicals found in your brain, it can help with stress. These effects can stay for roughly 3-5 hours. CBD should be taken regularly for you to feel the results.

Here are a few illnesses and disorders that CBD oil can treat.

Joint Pain

Joint and muscle pain can worsen and make your life horrible if you do not treat it. They often stop running and walking. It serves as an obstacle for exercise, which is essential in keeping strong muscles and flexible joints.

Because CBD can fight inflammation, it can get rid of stiffness and pain you feel. CBD oil capsules are a great way to treat your pain. You can also go for topical solutions such as salves, balms and lotions.


More and more people suffer from anxiety. If you take CBD, you can get rid of fatigue, restlessness and muscle tension. There has even been studies that show how CBD supplements can reduce social discomfort and anxiety while making thoughts clearer. It could even be used as a treatment for the anxiety smokers get when they quit.

OCD and Panic Attacks

Dosages can also be increased to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and panic attacks. This should be done supervised by medical authorities.


CBD has also gotten popular as an aid for sleeping problems. Through its intake, you can refresh your REM so you won’t feel too sleepy during the day. During REM, you dream. It is the deepest stage of sleep and the kind that gets you well-rested but does CBD help you to sleep better? Our sleep affect our health greatly, which is why it is essential for use to get quality sleep. People who suffer from sleep disorders can benefit from CBD oil, but you should always consult with a medical professional first.

Mental Health

CBD can affect mood by lifting it and promoting good feelings. It can help with the symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress while improving general well-being.

Side Effects and Risks

One thing to consider when taking any substance is any side effects that could come with its use. There is no need to worry about addiction or euphoria with CBD, but make sure that the CBD products you buy follow pharmacy standards. This is so you will be sure that the product is pure and the dosage is correct.

Overall, it is pretty safe to use CBD Crystals Isolate, whether you are a star or not. If you have any comments or recommendations, feel free to leave one below!

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