5 Celebrities That Got Busted For Weed Last Year

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celebrities busted for weed

Celebrities are just like you and me. They like to get high and sometimes have run-ins with the law

Everyone smokes weed. It’s something that unites all different types of people. Whether you enjoy a well rolled blunt or just the perfect cloud from the best vaporizers, everyone has their favorite way to get high. But while most people enjoy a bit of marijuana from time to time, the laws in America are incredibly inconsistent, leading some to trouble with the cops. This is true even for celebrities, whose fame and fortune is typically seen as a sort of immunity from many of the little laws that dictate our lives. Unfortunately for these celebs, their reputation didn’t protect them from getting busted for weed in 2017.

Corey Feldman

After skyrocketing to fame in the 80s with hits such as Gremlins, The Goonies, and The Lost Boys, his career slowed significantly over the last 30 years. Feldman has managed to stay in the public eye though, with both odd behavior and poignant opinions on Hollywood that often attract headlines. These days he’s playing with a band, which is how he found himself in hot water with the law last year. On October 21st of 2017, Feldman was arrested along with six other individuals for marijuana possession in Louisiana while on their way to a show. Feldman said of the incident on Twitter, “it was a bit of a good ol shakedown! After we paid them in cash, they asked for pics and autographs and then called the local paper to do interviews.”

Aaron Carter

The next celebrity on our list didn’t have as positive of an interaction as Mr. Feldman did. Aaron Carter became famous back in the early 2000s as the singing and dancing younger brother of the Backstreet Boys’ Nick Carter. Probably most well known for his seminal hit, “That’s How I Beat Shaq,” Carter was promoting a new single in Georgia last year when he was arrested for DUI and weed possession in an AutoZone parking lot in Cornelia, Georgia. According to Carter, the police targeted him specifically because he is famous and that he wasn’t even in the car when he was arrested for DUI.

Antonio Callaway

Former Wide Receiver for the University of Florida, Antonio Callaway was well known around the league for making high octane plays on the field. But he was busted for possession while the passenger in a car with a 40-year old Florida man last May. This arrest led Callaway to miss his entire final season of his college career. While he was ultimately only fined $300, Callaway may seriously have hurt his chances to be highly drafted as teams question his motivation. It’s unfortunate that a simple marijuana possession may ultimately cost this young man his well-earned payday.

Melissa Etheridge

The well-known singer/songwriter, Melissa Etheridge was busted for marijuana oil back on August 17th of 2017. She was caught when a drug-sniffing dog detected her vape pen on the tour bus while crossing from Canada into America. Etheridge is also well known for her marijuana advocacy, as she’s been a vocal user since it helped her deal with chemotherapy treatments back in 2004. She even owns her own company that provides cannabis products to medical patients in California. Etheridge didn’t seem too worried about the charges, as her mugshot was all smiles.

Cardi B

Arguably the world’s hottest artist right now, Cardi B found herself in some trouble last year after performing in Upstate New York. While she wasn’t arrested for the incident, police were called to the Hilton in Albany on October 22nd, 2017 after the manager complained of a party and excessive weed smell coming from the rapper’s room. She quickly left the hotel with her group, complaining about the racist treatment experienced by her team. Cardi then took to her Instagram to condemn the police in Albany for being well-known racists while also denying any wrongdoing.

It’s clear that even for famous people, trouble is just something that goes along with marijuana in many parts of the country. Especially when traveling, it’s always important to practice diligence. Unfortunately for celebs, unlike you and me, when they get in trouble, we all find out about it. Know of any other celebrities that were busted for weed last year? Let us know in the comments below.


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