Cameron Diaz and Weed

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One would wonder whether the female celebrity smokes weed. Cameron Mitchell Diaz is an American star whom we have not seen her work in several years now. This would be an indicator that she is hitting the joint hard. Since she stepped out of the spotlight ‘to find herself’, she has remained low-key. Considering that marijuana has been used over years for spiritual purposes, we are going to focus on some facts on this renowned celeb.

Who is she?

  • Diaz is an actress who has graced our films and televisions since the 1990’s. She hails from San Diego, California where she modeled on a contractual basis with Elite Model Management. It is at those times that she was able to feature in shoots for Levi’s and Calvin Klein. She has been on the silver screen for over 50 different acting projects. The film, ‘The Mask’ was her major breakthrough as she had an iconic role in the thriller.

    Diaz might look to have had a lucrative career. However, she has not been featured in a film since 2014. She cited fatigue that comes with the travelling during new projects in the film industry. She also said that she needed to discover herself. In many instances, we have heard that pot helps in self-discovery.

Amazing revelations

  • Could there be strong indicators that Cameron Diaz smokes weed? Definitely yes. She personally knows that there is something about weed. She attended to The Long Beach Polytechnic Highschool alongside Snoop Dogg. Diaz admits to copping weed from Snoop. On the other hand, Snoop confirmed it. He said that he used to sell her ‘White Girl Weed’ which mostly consists of sticks and stems. This is a strong hint that Diaz is a pothead considering that once you discover the benefits that marijuana gives, it becomes hard to resist it.

    One could rubbish these claims saying that it was just a phase in college or high school where teens are experimental with every drug. To prove them wrong, Diaz was spotted sharing a joint with her BFF (fellow actress Drew Barrymore) on the beach in 2007. They had gone for a vacation in Hawaii.

    In her stay in California, she enjoyed smoking weed by the beach too. She says that going to the beach took them 2 hours. They would stay all day, eat corn dogs and had only $2 for a joint. It shows that Diaz has been a fun loving actress all her life. To add icing on the cake, it is evident that she has used weed all through and has never pretended otherwise. There have been no reports of her quitting whatsoever.

The Wrap-up

  • It is clear that Cameron Diaz did use weed at some point if at all she currently does not. She has enjoyed it all through and it shows she would never turn a joint down if offered one. She has been a big fan of pot and has never tried to hide that fact.

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