celebrity bong vape
July 29, 2018

The Top Celebrity Bong And Vape Collaborations

Everyone enjoys there occasional pot from time to time. Regular people might use it to…
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dr dabber
July 17, 2018

A Celebrity in His Own Right: Dr. Dabber

There's no other name in the vaporizer industry more popular than the famed Dr. D.…
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nfl nba marijuana
June 12, 2018

NBA Vs NFL; Marijuana Advocates

The use of marijuana in athletics has been a taboo for a long time. Athletes…
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women marijuana industry
June 11, 2018

Women who are Changing the Marijuana Industry

Marijuana has for decades been associated with men and women have always played a passive…
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cbd tattoo
June 6, 2018

Can CBD be used to treat tattoo pain?

There are various reasons for getting a tattoo. The reasons may range from expressing one’s…
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hear about cbd
June 3, 2018

Why it took you so much time to hear about CBD

In the health and wellness industry, a compound going by the name CBD is hitting…
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marijuana advocates music
May 28, 2018

Conservative Marijuana Advocates in the Music Industry

John Legend John Legend has openly expressed his political beliefs but unlike other musicians he has…
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May 24, 2018

Actors, MPs Joins Six Year Old Epileptic Boy To Solicit For Signatures For Approval Of Medical Cannabis

A six year old boy was joined by actor Sir Patrick Stewart in the steps…
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cbd oil
May 23, 2018

Know your of CBD Oil

Cannabidiol oil has gained massive popularity due to its many uses. It is extracted from…
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