Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive: A Classic Way To Vape CBD Oil

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CBD Vape Additive

Are you currently vaping Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive? If you haven’t tried a CBD vape additive yet you’re missing out on some seriously amazing health benefits.

You’re already ahead of the curve by choosing to vape, especially something as great as Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive. Now is the perfect time to try CBD with your e-cig. It’s the next logical step toward wellness, and Diamond CBD vape additives make it so easy to add to your routine.

Why choose Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive?

  • First of all, CBD is one helluva anti-inflammatory. A bit of Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive after a tough day at work —or after a rigorous workout —can reduce aches and pains caused by muscular stress and inflammation.
  • Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive will also help you chill out. It works with your brain to naturally stimulate the production of serotonin, the neurotransmitter that helps us feel calm and relaxed. Some of our users call it a “strong mellow”.
  • Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive is naturally packed with antioxidants. You need antioxidants to fight off free radicals, the molecules that cause cancer. Free radicals are in some of our favorite things, too, the kinds we’re not willing to give up – like fried foods and sugar. But CBD can help remove free radicals from the body and bolster the immune system against them.
  • Finally, Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive is all natural. Diamond CBD vape additives do not come with any other artificial additives or THC. CBD may be a cannabinoid but it won’t get you stoned like Cheech and Chong. CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the hemp plant. It comes packed with all these health boosters instead of the munchies so you can maintain your healthy approach to wellness.

If you’re ready to bring your wellness routine to whole other level, Chong’s Choice CBD vape additive can take you there. Tommy Chong, the legend himself, is the brilliant mind behind this potent blend of CBD. It will bring a notable level of chill to your vape experience, and your body will thank you for the health boost. We used our natural premium industrial hemp create so you know your body is getting the best of the best.

Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive: The Highest Quality CBD

You want to vape with premium brands who guarantee that their products are healthy and pesticide-free. So it’s important to know where your CBD is coming from before you add it to your e-cig. The crew at Diamond provides lab results with each of our premium CBD vape additive blends so you know exactly what you’re getting with each puff.

Chong’s Choice CBD vape additive is an ideal first choice for your vape. Its new formula uses a raw, tremendously concentrated and solventless CBD oil to significantly empower your vape. Chong’s Choice contains a maximum strength CBD concentrate that can be easily added to your favorite vape juice. It’s made with 100% organic, all-natural hemp, and our 16ml bottle of Chong’s Choice comes with over 2mg of high-quality CBD in each drop.

Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive: The Right Dose

Everybody is different. That means everyone’s dose of CBD is different. The same amount that works for your best friend or your brother may not be enough for you, or vice-versa. Being able to control how much CBD you use drop by drop is one of the best ways to guarantee you’re getting the perfect dose for your body.

Using a CBD vape additive is as easy as dropping it right into your vape juice or e-liquid. Each bottle of Chong’s Choice CBD comes with an eyedropper. You’re in control of your CBD dose right down to the last drop. Here at Diamond, we recommend experienced CBD users add 20-30 drops, while beginners should try 10-20. Just unscrew the top of your vape cartridge, add your preferred number of drops to your e-liquid, and then vape as you normally would. It’s really that easy.

Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive: Different Than CBD Oil

There is one major difference you need to know between CBD vape additives and CBD oils. Additives like Chong’s Choice CBD are specifically designed for combining with existing vape juices and e-liquids. Traditional CBD oils are not. You can use traditional CBD oils in cooking or under your tongue, but you cannot add them to your vape.

Vaping will also change how quickly you feel CBD’s effects. As you inhale CBD, it passes through your lungs and immediately enters your bloodstream. You’re likely to feel effects within minutes. Traditional CBD oil isn’t as speedy. Since you typically eat CBD oil, the CBD has to move through your digestive tract before being absorbed. Effects can take up to thirty minutes or more to appear.

Chong’s Choice CBD vape additive contains a stronger dose of CBD than some of your traditional CBD oils. Because the heating process can burn out CBD’s effectiveness, the higher concentrate guarantees that your doses remain consistent even after you mix it with your existing e-liquid. The premium blend in Chong’s Choice is designed for your vape pen, and the concentrate is guaranteed to soothe your aches and help you chill like Chong.

Chong’s Choice CBD Vape Additive: A Winner From Tommy Chong

Adding CBD to your vape is a win-win situation for you. You get to continue using your favorite vape juice while still getting all of CBD’s amazing health benefits at the same time. Because using CBD shouldn’t be a drag. Vaping is about versatility. Combining Chong’s Choice CBD vape additive with your routine is effortless and will only leave you feeling utterly and completely at ease.

Chong’s Choice CBD vape additive is safe to use every day. Keep a close eye on your drops and your dose, and feel free to refer to our convenient dosage chart if you’re wanting to make any changes. Don’t be afraid to talk with your doctor about CBD, either. Don’t worry, using Tommy Chong as a reference won’t get you in any trouble. CBD is completely legal in the United States, and this article is the perfect resource for showing off what piqued your interest in CBD vape additives.



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