Common Marijuana Harvesting Mistakes That You Should Avoid

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marijuana harvesting mistakes

Growing marijuana plants   might always seem as something that people take note of all the time. It is common to find more people dedicating more time to care for their plants as they grow. People start neglecting the plants when it comes to harvest time. It is why you can find some making some mistakes they should not be doing while harvesting. Well, we get to look at the common harvesting mistakes so that you do not end up committing the same mistakes too.

Growers relying only on the seed breeder timeline

This is something common where the growers are always relying only on the information that the breeder says. An example is when the breeder says that the bloom phase of the strain will last 65 days. The mistake is when the grower will choose to start harvesting immediately after 65 days.

Well, the marijuana plants are not machines to work exactly as the manufacturer claims. As a result, you might want to consider giving the marijuana plant a couple of days more to the stated timeframe. Give it even 7 to 15 days taking note of the plant so that you can harvest it when it is ready. Auto-flowering strain are the best choice if you are looking  multiple harvest.

Having less monitoring of the resin glands

With cannabis, the glandular head is a place where you get most of the terpenoids, flavonoids and cannabinoids being generated and further stored. It is possible to get some resins in the gland stalk, but the head is where most of is stored.

The glands are supposed to help you know it is time to harvest. If you are late to harvest, then some of them fall off the stalk. During the peak bloom period, you are advised to use the best magnifying device you help zoom into the resin glands. If you find the glands being round and also clear, then it is a good time to start the process.

Harvesting the marijuana plants too early

This is still a common mistake that people often make. You definitely have to wait for the bud to be ready for harvest before you can go in. Depending on the room conditions, it is possible to find some strains gaining up to 45 percent of bud weight in the final bloom phase. As you can see, if you harvest early before the phase is complete, you end up losing a lot in terms of yields.

Based on a number of examples, we get to see that for a strain with a potency of 23.5 percent of THC might end up having up to 19 percent of THC when harvested early. As a result, it does on to show that sometimes a bit of patience is good to ensure you have the best marijuana weed all the time.

Harvesting your marijuana plants too late

Yes, this is the opposite of the other point above. This happens when the grower does not pay attention to the resin gland color and the overall structural integrity. As a result, you end up with an overripe crop. The resins will now end up degrading and so is the percentage of THC and other important compound.

You might want to take the time to keep an eye on the marijuana plant when the it is blooming phase. At least this way you will have a great time harvesting the best marijuana bud when it still has all its compounds intact.

Using unsanitary methods and tools for harvesting

It is also important for you to consider the methods you are using for the harvest process. You do not just use any method and expect it to lead to good harvests. This is where you have to consider using hygienic procedures and tools while harvesting. This is going to make sure that insects, molds, or even fungi stay away from getting into the marijuana.

Lacking the best drying site

Yes, you will have to dry the harvested marijuana plants for processing. Sometimes growers have the problem of finding the best drying site. When the marijuana is not dried properly, then it might lead to some decay and further degradation of the cannabis.

In the event you do not have an optimum drying site, then you might as well as trim the marijuana buds from their branches, then flash freeze them in a bag.

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