Dedication Of Dudeism Religion To The Big Lebowski

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Hollywood is very good at creating films that captivate viewers. One of the engaging films that have attracted many viewers is The Big Lebowski, this movie is about a carefree stoner-type character that refers to himself as “The Dude,” What makes this movie loveable is the eccentric character of “The Dude,” that made fans remove the persona off the movie screens and paint a real-world picture in their minds. In the movie The Big Lebowski, “The Dude,” is dragged into a kidnapping scheme that is worth one million dollars and intended for a very wealthy person who has same last name as the “The Dude,”

  • The film has created a de facto religion based on “The Dude,” They refer to the religion as Dudeism and it organizes below The Church of the Latter-Day Dude that has more than 35000 “Dudeist priests.”

  • It is not hard to become Dudeist priests you can actually become one and funnily minister over religious events in most parts of the United States. The New York Times recently showed how marriages have actually been officiated by Dudeist Priests.
  • Oliver Benjamin who is an author and journalist founded Dudeism in 2005. The driving force and idea behind Dudeism is; that life is too short and complex and there is one who has an idea of what to do about it and, so nothing should be done about it at all. The idea further states that there is no need to worry as to whether you’ll make it to the finals and, encourages having some good time with friends and probably by taking some oat soda too. There is also the need to be true to other people which are called for by the Dudeism idea.
  • Even though Dudeism has recently transformed formally into a religion, it has existed in various forms through the years. The possible original form of Dudeism was the earlier type of the Chinese Taoism but, later Taoism got strange and got occupied with magic tricks and body fluids.
  • According to the Dudeism website, the word dude can be used to mean both male and female and therefore there is no sexism purposed by the name of the religion.

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