Finding the most effective CBD treat for your dog

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most effective cbd dog

As more and more people start embracing the remedial benefits of cannabinoids, it might be the high time you considered the use of CBD as a possible treatment alternative for your furry friends. However, first things first; as a dog or pet owner, before knowing how to administer CBD to your dog, it is important to know how to source genuine CBD products/treats in the already flooded market.

In this post, we will explore why CBD treats are important for dogs and most notably, top factors to consider before buying them for your dog.

What health conditions are CBD dog treats used to manage?

The initial claims of CBD dog treats revolve around CBD’s positive effects on the body. CBD is not a sure cure for any particular condition; instead, it acts as a palliative for various neurological and chronic pain conditions. Basically, CBD dog treats have been used to manage symptoms for the following ailments in dogs:

  • Pain relief in dogs suffering from arthritis or other persistent pain
  • Mitigating the stresses linked to separation anxiety, startling noises, and travel
  • Calming and stabilizing dogs ailing from heart issues and seizures
  • Stimulating appetite in dogs that have trouble eating
  • Handy for dogs whom prescription drugs cause adverse effects

Factors to consider when buying CBD treats for your dog

Extraction methods

CBD products manufacturers use various methods to extract CBD from hemp. Some methods are straightforward, some are more technical; however, the root of it all, extraction methods greatly determines the quality of the final product.

One of the most popular methods of extraction for pet-grade supplements is the use of olive oil. This method is economical and the final product carries zero impurities from the extraction process.

A more complex way to extract CBD from hemp is via an ethanol extraction method. It’s cheap, quick, but it’s quite unclean. The final CBD product may be more effective than in the case of olive oil, however, it may also carry with it some hydrocarbon impurities. Pet oil drops are known to have a really great effect.

The safest process of extraction is the one that utilizes CO2. Usually, this method is quite expensive but produces the highest-grade product.

Basically, what we are trying to say is that, you should always go for dog treats that are infused with CBD oil, extracted using a safe method. You wouldn’t wish your dog to be consuming adulterated products. Would you?

Organically Grown

Many CBD products come from industrial hemp plants that are grown in large-scale monoculture farms. A lot of farms depend on pesticides and chemical fertilizers to nurture their crop. These chemicals sometimes end up in the CBD extracted from the plant, and eventually into the end-consumer, which for our case is the dog.

Buying dog treats that have been infused with CBD oil extracted from organically grown hemp is a great way in ensuring your dog isn’t ingesting toxins.

Isolate or Full Spectrum?

Some CBD dog treats sold in the market claim that they contain CBD isolates. Well, you might have the opinion that an isolate would be much potent, and thus a better option than full spectrum treats. However, thanks to something known as the entourage effect, full spectrum treats are in fact more medically beneficial.

Full spectrum CBD oils carry with them vital compounds from the entire hemp plant. All the other beneficial terpenes and cannabinoids join forces with CBD to enhance its therapeutic potential. This synergistic effect referred to as the entourage effect, only present in full spectrum oils. Therefore, next time you go shopping, ensuring the dogs treat you are buying has been infused with full spectrum CBD oil.

Ingredient List

The key constituent in CBD dog treats is obviously not CBD. Some people overlook all the other ingredients that are included in the product and just focus on CBD.

Some cheap dog treats contain empty fillers, animal by-products and a lengthy list of superfluous preservatives. Is this what you really want to give your dog? No, I believe. Always go for whole foods, nourishing proteins, and other healthy ingredients on top of the CBD.


There are many factors to look at when purchasing CBD dog treats. Talk of price, the reputation of the manufacturer and many other things. Looking for the best CBD dog treats basically, is akin to looking for a healthy dog food brand; of course, plus the extra characteristics of CBD oil. If you want to read more info and even make a purchase, head over to and check it out.

But all said and done, attention to things such as where the CBD was sourced from, full spectrum versus isolate, and extraction method is essential to finding the best CBD dog treat in the market.

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