Genius Pipe Review

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Genius Pipe

The Genius pipe vaporizer has really reformed the manner by which you can vape your herb. With caution and less unsafe synthetic compounds, it has turned into the most prevalent approach to consume herb. That being said there are a few things in regards to vaporizers that a few smokers dislike.

To start with, vaporizers take out a considerable measure of the flavor that from the herb. Actually, a large number of us like the flavors from cannabis and observe this to be a disillusioning part of vaporizing. Second, you need to manage temperature settings and charging the battery of a vaporizer which can wind up lumbering.

For those of you who still need the full involvement of smoking, however without the undesirable nicotine consumption, Genius Pipe has the item for you. Genius Pipe is a pipe that conveys a lot of new features to the table to improve the pipe smoking background.

Genius Pipe-Strengths


Genius Pipes are made of anodized aluminium, which is an extraordinary material for your pipe. Aluminium is a sheltered and sturdy material that will keep going for a long time of traditional use. This is likely the greatest quality with regards to the Genius Pipe.

Components of a Genius Pipe

The base piece includes a licensed dimple plan that makes a great many micro vortices with each draw. This cools and cleanses the smoke as it goes through the pipe and into your lungs making it cleaner and smoother foryour body. The centrepiece incorporates the bowl where you pack your herb. This looks really like an ordinary pipe that you may discover at your nearby head shop. At last, the best piece is utilized as a cover over the bowl. Having this piece enables you to take your pressed pipe in a hurry without agonizing over spillage. It is likewise discrete and fends off pondering eyes.

Types of Genius Pipe:

Mona Lisa Genius Pipe

What’s cool about this Vaporizer is that they offer a huge amount of various smoke and styles of their funnels. Starting with the Classic Collection, which centres around quite exemplary shading plans like silver, white, and dark. These are awesome for the individuals who need a more present-day moderate style to their pipe.

The hues gathering is entirely plain as day. In this accumulation, you will locate a wide assortment of hues from cobalt Blue to Legally Pink. You can choose a Genius Pipe in any shading mix you can want. This enables you to bring out what makes you one of a kind through your pipe.

Genius pipes are very affordable and are readily available in the market

In conclusion, there is the Limited Collection of Monalisa Genius pipe in various parts of the world. This collection incorporates a considerable measure of one of a kind illustration on the fronts of the Genius Pipe which differ on the topic from pictures of nation banners to the Mona Lisa. This fact makes the pipe very expensive in those parts.

The Monalisa Genius Pipe is 8.25 inches in length, 2.5 inches wide, and a thickness of around one inch. The Genius Pipe Classic says something 0.4 lbs. This makes the Genius pipe as an extremely lightweight alternative useable by all smokers whether for recreational or restorative purposes.

Smoke Quality

Since the Genius Pipe includes a waterless channel from the protected dimple outline it has a smoke quality superior to anything because of the different funnels used. The dimples completely cool the smoke so you don’t inhale hot fumes.

That being stated, the smoke isn’t as mellow as the vapors delivered by your top of the line vaporizer. In the wake of attempting the Genius Pipe we feel that it is incredible in the middle of

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