Hemp Seed Oil in Australia: Uses and Availability

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Hemp Seed Oil in Australia

One of the most common questions regarding the legality of cannabidiol products in Australia comes from a confusion between hemp plant tinctures and hemp seed oils. While certain products made from the hemp leaves and flowers are still illegal in the country, those made from the seed are completely legal to be imported, sold and consumed nationwide.

Hemp seed oils are usually extracted using a cold-press method which results in an oily substance full of beneficial properties. These tinctures are consumed sublingually or used to manufacture CBD edibles or drinks. Hemp seed oil has proven to be effective in reducing the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, inflammation and chronic pain. Hemp seeds and CBD oils in Australia are now helping thousands of users live a healthier life without the secondary effects of pharmaceutical products.

Which Hemp Seed Oil is the Best for Me?

Before ordering any CBD product, it is useful to do some research and understand the different selection and extraction processes each company uses. The best hemp seed oils are made from organic seeds and extracted without using any heat, solvents or aggressive chemicals which might alter their chemical composition.

The concentration of CBD is also an important aspect to look for, always keeping in mind that higher concentrations do not always translate into better results. Read the reviews from previous customers and gather as much information as possible on the effects of each product in people with a similar condition as yours.

Are Hemp Seed Oils Legal in Australia?

The short answer is yes. While Australia was lagging the United States and Canada in the legalization of hemp-derived products, a recently approved law makes it entirely legal to import, sell and consume products made from the hemp seed. As in most of the world, there are specific limits to the amount of THC contained in each product. While this might be an issue in extracts made from the entire hemp plant, hemp seed oils contain almost no traces of this psychoactive substance.

Where Can I Get Quality Hemp Seed Oils?

Unlike the United States and Canada -where CBD dispensaries are available in almost every major city-, the Australian market for hemp-derived products is mostly covered by online companies. Hemp seed oil in Australia can be ordered through the websites of several different companies operating in the country and offering door-to-door delivery.

While the price of each product depends on its CBD concentration and extraction methods, you can expect to pay anywhere between AUS$90 and AUS$200 for a 50ml bottle of pure hemp seed oil.


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