How to Get Paid to Smoke Weed All Day, Everyday?

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Are you a weeder? Doesn’t it seem like a dream come true if you get paid to smoke weed all day every day?

Since there are many markets opening up which can get a paycheck in your name to smoke weed and may not even require a lot of money and research. Healthy lungs also help a lot. Some of the aspects are:

Pot photography

Weed imagery and photography are a lot more into use for many new emerging companies in this sector. For brand promotions and advertisement campaigns, there are a lot more investors and buyers that need phenomenal images and photos of weeds. So you can smoke all day and become a Skilled pot photographer.

Blogging and writing

You can author a book and host creative weed writing workshops where writers get to smoke the weed and write about it and get paid for it. Creating awareness about the weed is foremost objective these days as we need to break all of the ongoing myths and beliefs regarding smoking weed. So many kinds of books and awareness guides can be written along with your experiences with weed. So if you are a daily smoker you must have had a lot of amazing experiences to share with people. So you can go on to become a Marijuana Blogger.


You can create your YouTube Channel a research a lot about weed and ensure that since you are professional and passionate about weed all the information your subscribers will get is correct. And you never know what may come out of all your efforts!!


You can donate your body and time for some research that is going on as weed gets legalized in more and more areas though you may need to pass some medical tests. So go on and find the best university. Donating your body to the universities would really help the mankind to research about the good uses of weed.

Weed Consumption Device

Be an entrepreneur and try making the most innovative ways to consume weed. There are many companies looking out to invest in Cannabis Sector. So starting up your own Cannabis form is not a bad idea of course! These days there are many types of consumer devices seen such as vaping pens and inhalers. If you are that innovative sort, please find the best ideas of your mind and try creating something new and amazing.

Weed Food Blogger

If you like cooking and smoking altogether, just find the best of the recipes, create some really good ones and sell them.You can even become a weed food vlogger and help people undergo amazing experiences with weed.

Weed Chef

You can become a weed food blogger as well as open a restaurant of course where weed is legal and serve amazing weed recipes to all the weed lovers.

Weed Consultant

You can open up a weed advisory and end up making people crack high rated deals and higher will be your commission. You can create awareness about the variety of weeds since there are many big confusions and myths ongoing in connection with weeds.

Weed Cultivation

You can become an investor in a weed cultivation company and capitalize your investments at amazing scales. Also, there are many industries that are affected if the cultivation of cannabis is at higher scale say if you are into agriculture technology, you can innovate many devices that would help in the cultivation of weed.

Become a Bud Trimmer

If you are a person who is a real weed lover and knows everything about bud trimming you are doing it right. As for removing that excess matter from the marijuana plant would make you get a handsome payment.

Hence there are many careers associated with weeds and all you need to is follow your passion and enjoy your work as a bud trimmer, a weed chef and more of that sort !!

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