It’s True: Woody Harrelson Hasn’t Consumed Pot in the Last 18 Months

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In March, it was reported that Woody Harrelson had quit smoking pot. However on the Late Show that is hosted by Stephen Colbert, Woody half-heartedly admitted that it’s true. He was dodgy on his explanation. This suggested that he may or may not have stopped using pot. He says that one does not have to smoke a brownie.

Harrelson has been vigorous advocates of the legalization of weed for all uses. The celebrity had earlier told Jimmy Kimmel that it has been 18 months since he smoked weed and that it was an experiment. Judging by his sentiments, we could say that he might be consuming pot through other methods.

In recent times, technology, especially on the use of weed, has really moved on another level. A majority of people no longer smoke blunts, joints or even rolls. There has been an introduction of vape pens which have offered a great relieve to pot users. With a vape pen, you get to consume your concentrate in a friendly environment that does not make other people uncomfortable. The use of vape pens has also come in handy to patients using marijuana as medicine. This is because they can comfortably carry the vape pens with them and limit the amount they sip at each time. Hence, they are always on the right track. Wiz Khalifa, an ardent advocate of weed legalization has hinted that vape pens can be used for recreational purposes. He says that the level of satisfaction got from the rolls is the same. In this case, he sometimes tends to combine the pen and 6 rolls taking him to another level.

Other users have been using vaporizers. These are almost similar to vape pens except the fact that in this case the cannabis is heated and the resin is released. This makes the content to have less potential risks. To get cannabis in your system, you are limited to inhalation. THC then moves from the lungs directly into the bloodstream to the brain.

Edible cannabis is also a great method to consume your weed. In this method, cannabis is metabolized by the liver. Research has shown that you are likely to get more stoned after consuming pot through edibles.

Another option would be to use ingestible cannabis oils and tinctures. We have medical cannabis oil that is a highly concentrated cannabis extraction. Most of the patients that depend on pot use cannabis oils. The good thing with this option is that you can get CBD oil that does not have THC (psychoactive agent). This makes sure that you are able to take care of your pains in an efficient manner.

This shows that you can opt to use any of the above methods. The basic point is that at the end of the day you will have consumed pot. The only thing that differs is the effects that each method produces. Some produce better results than the others. Hence, Woody is very right when he says that you do not have to smoke a brownie to get high.


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