New CBD Product Line from Cannabis Champion Damian Marley

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Damian Marley cbd

Cannabis has always been well known for its medicinal properties, and Damian Marley has been a relentless advocate. Walking in the steps of his father Bob Marley, he is not only a musical genius but also a champion of weed and its healing power.

Another career line to add to his repertoire is his experimentation in business. He owns a company called Stony Hill that produces and processes weed. They now have a new line of products that focus on CBD which has been manufactured from hemp strains.

Ocean Grown Extracts, a local company, partnered with Damian Marley to start a business in Coalinga, California. Working together, they were able to transform an old ramshackle jail into a weed farm. The farm is also able to meet health and cleanliness standards aside from producing high quality CBD products, which can be bought in dispensaries and on the Internet.

Medicinal marijuana and hemp is starting to be accepted by those in the medical field. Stony Hill is at the front of the line, collaborating not only with cannabis advocates but also legitimate scientists and doctors who want to spread knowledge on how cannabis can be used therapeutically.

The CBD products that have been formulated by Stony Hill can be used to treat a variety of illnesses, making it beneficial to a lot of people who would like to be healed of whatever is ailing them.

Hemp, hemp, hurrah!

All their products have been derived from hemp. They are available online, and will eventually be released in retail and specialty establishments.

One product that is gaining a lot of is their CBD gummies infused with isolates. They have specific ingredients for day and night versions. For a good night’s sleep, melatonin has been included in the night formulation.

Another great product are their topical lotions, which are all organic. They also come in a variety of scents with essential oils used for inflammation and pain relief. Another must-try are their tinctures that come in different strength levels.

Their president, Chris Bridges, stated that they are glad to be part of the industry at such an early stage. The market has been predicted to boom by the year 2020, and they’ll be able to attract more customers considering it is legal compared to THC products.

The products vice president of the company, JJ Southard, noted that one essential thing to the sales of their product is information dissemination. They are there to educate their buyers how CBD that is derived from hemp is different from normal weed in terms of how safe, legal and efficient it is.

If you’re having a hard time obtaining weed because it’s illegal but you want to use it medicinally, their CBD products are a great option. You can also use them even if weed is legal in your state, for the simple reason that you just don’t want to get high.

The Musical Marijuana Master

Damian Marley also dropped a new album called Stony Hill. Listening to his song “Medication”, which features his brother Stephen Marley, is a great thing to do while taking his CBD products. The video is also an interesting watch, because you’ll be able to see the actual location of Stony Hill.

Despire the passing of their father, they’re doing a lot when it comes to advocating this healing herb. If you want to learn more about the medicinal properties of CBD, feel free to browse our other articles!


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