cbd tattoo
June 6, 2018

Can CBD be used to treat tattoo pain?

There are various reasons for getting a tattoo. The reasons may range from expressing one’s…
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hear about cbd
June 3, 2018

Why it took you so much time to hear about CBD

In the health and wellness industry, a compound going by the name CBD is hitting…
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marijuana advocates music
May 28, 2018

Conservative Marijuana Advocates in the Music Industry

John Legend John Legend has openly expressed his political beliefs but unlike other musicians he has…
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Sick of bunk info and terrible yields? This will help with the following guides teaching you how to grow weed in a pot.

Female Celebrity Marijuana
May 13, 2018

Top 10 Female Celebrity Marijuana Lovers

Marijuana has always been associated with masculinity for generations. Well here is a list of…
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Damian Marley cbd
May 11, 2018

New CBD Product Line from Cannabis Champion Damian Marley

Cannabis has always been well known for its medicinal properties, and Damian Marley has been…
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ricky williams marijuana
April 2, 2018

Ricky Williams a former football Star confesses of how marijuana healed him and opens his own marijuana brand (company)

The scar is lifting from Cannabis and Ricky Williams. The well known ex-university football star…
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tyson weed ranch
January 4, 2018

Mike Tyson Is Building a 40-Acre California Weed Resort

The former heavyweight champion is taking a bite out of the legal weed game. Mike…
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McGregor weed
December 23, 2017

Is Connor McGregor a marijuana smoker?

Conor McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial arts fighter and most recently a professional boxer.…
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