The parody of Steve DeAngelo on “disjointed”: my feeling got hurt

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steve deangelo parody

Steve DeAngelo tweeted, “ it’s so pretty cool that I will not see any way that someone will be able to parody unless they are widely recognized, and I want to have a voice that’s something that I have always wanted so that I can be heard, it will be so validating. Anyone that will seek attention to climb up the pedestal they should not complain when they are knocked off.” For some people, they didn’t like the disjointed comment, and it went far because he portrayed that DeStevens was a Greedy Rusher. In one of the comments that was posted by CelebStoner, it was written by Ani Abernathy that:

”let me set the record straight and say that am a friend of Steve DeAngelo and I did not like how he was portrayed. I liked the first season a lot, and the message that was delivered by it was such a good message when it came to the pot community. She loved it so much that I suggested Steve’s partner watch the show, but the season was not even out. Now, I have finished the first season, and I now want more of the inaccuracies of Steve. He is among the people that I know that are amazing, care about people, loves his family and someone who deserves the respect of the people. The fact that people are making this parody of him it even makes me sad. The worst feeling is that people have believed he is like what people are saying of him to be. I don’t like the producer of this show and wish people knew of the slightest truth of who he is. Yes, I understand that there is a need to have a character so that you can have something to use as the antagonist of any season. But choosing someone that has a high place in the society as the marijuana activist, someone who is creepy made me sick to my stomach. I have the means of opening a dispensary because I have studied for a business degree. If I were ever mocked like this, then I would not be in the spotlight.


Other tweet included:

  • “Flattery is the truest imitation. Many people love you!” ( Cliff Deuvall)
  • “Maybe there is a way that you will be able to garner the guest appearance and bring the industry some real education to the show.” (Bleedin Ks Advocate)
  • “as a good leader, you have to able to laugh at yourself” (Tony Bowles)
  • “it’s great fun, but it was not expected down on your man purse” (Lynne Miesse)

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