Pax 2 Vaporizer; An Unforgotten Beast

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pax 2 vaporizer

The Pax 2 vaporizer is the second generation of the original Pax. The Pax 2 portable vaporizer is smaller, lighter and more durable than the original Pax. It has a more durable battery, a deeper oven for more uniform heating and four different heat settings. Other innovative features of the Pax 2 include redesigned mouthpieces that detect the presence of lips and optimize control of temperature and power during use. This feature makes the Pax Series more efficient than other vaporizers on the market.

The Pax 2 is also one of the best in terms of portability and discretion. The device weighs 90.2 g and the exact dimensions are 3.87 “high, 1.21” wide and 0.8 “deep. The original Pax weighed about 98 grams, so the Pax 2 is slightly smaller. This vaporizer holds about .30 to .40 grams of herbs, depending on how coarse or fine the grind is, with the half the bunch of lid, the oven retains .15 to .20 grams. If you are looking for a very portable vaporizer, then Pax 2 is exactly what you are looking for. The vaporizer is rated at the top for portability and can be concealed very well.

The first PAX was launched a few years ago and immediately became a success with its small size and flawless performance. Since then, the manufacturing company (PAX Labs, Inc.) has invested heavily in research and development and has successfully released a new and improved version of the product.

The PAX 2 vaporizer has an anodized aluminum finish and is lighter and smarter than its predecessor. It feels a bit more stylish and contains 30% more battery capacity despite its size. It is packed in one of the finest selling packages, all white and with the PAX logo on each of the inner caps. Inside is the device itself, a charging unit (the charging method differs from the PAX originals), two different mouthpieces and a cleaning kit, containing some isopropyl alcohol and some cleaning products. pipes.

To charge the PAX 2 vaporizer, you must connect the docking station to a standard USB port on the computer and connect the back of the device to both pins. It will adapt easily thanks to integrated magnets. Once the device starts charging, you will notice that each of the four LED petals represents 25% of the battery and they will blink and come on gradually when full capacity is reached. The charging station and the mechanism are completely different from the original PAX, so you can not use both devices with the same charger. It takes between 2 and 3 hours to fully charge the device via a standard USB port.

How to use Pax 2 vaporizer

To use the pax 2 vaporizer you must know what each and every one of the features represents, the purple LEDs indicate that the evaporator is still heating up. The green color indicates that the device is ready for use. If you want to check the battery level in your PAX 2 vaporizer, shake the device and look at the logo in the form of an X. The battery level is displayed with the number of arms lit up. To change the temperature settings, press and hold the temperature button in the mouthpiece for one second. The light changes color from green to yellow. Pressing the mouthpiece toggles between heating modes from yellow (coldest) to light and from dark orange to red (warmest). Once you have set the desired temperature, press the mouthpiece again, this time a little longer or simply shake the appliance.

  • Design

The PAX 2 is a polished anodized aluminum body similar to the first generation. The differences start with a completely different mouthpiece. You can use a wide mouthpiece like the one from the previous version that is raised or the new version that comes on the PAX 2. The mouthpiece is very special because it is a rescinded mouthpiece that is more different from any other device on the market . The mouthpiece also has a button function that allows you to switch between temperature settings.

  • Battery life

The battery life of Pax 2 is satisfactory. The 30% improvement is achieved by a combination of larger battery and heater optimization. You will get about an hour and a half runtimefrom the Pax 2. This involves manipulating the “lip sensor” with your fingers or drawing frequently. Since recharging a Pax 2 requires a dock, the extended battery life is a welcome safety feature.

  • Temperature

The temperature range on the Pax 2 has widened in both directions. The low temperature starts at 370 ° F and the peak high starts at 410 ° F. There are alsonow four temperature presets, up from three.

  • Size and portability

The Pax 2 weighs 90.2 g and its exact dimensions are 3.87 “high, 1.21” wide and 0.8 “deep. The oven dimensions are 18.5 mm by 8.6 mm by 10mm. This makes Pax 2 one of the best in terms of portability and discretion.

  • Ease of use

The Pax 2 has an extremely simple user interface. A single button hidden in the mouthpiece controls everything, while the signature “X” tells you everything you need to know. To turn on the Pax 2, press the button once, press again to turn it off. To change the temperature settings, press and hold the button for one second. The Pax icon on the front of the device consists of four LEDs that tell you the temperature, the battery charge level and whether the device is ready to vape, heatin up or in a standby. To exit the temperature mode or to check the battery life, simply shake the device.


  • Very compact size vaporizer
  • Easy to use
  • Heat up quickly
  • Variable temperature settings with four options


  • Vapor taste and smoothness diminishes as you vape
  • Takes three hours to fully charge


With its sleek design, efficient battery and high-end construction, it’s the best portable vape In the market. For those looking for a solid flower vape, this is the one for you. It’s portable, lightweight, small and easy to use. If you are looking for a portable vape that has a long battery life and can last a long time, the Pax 2 is a good choice. You will not be disappointed to invest in the product because of its diverse and amazing features. It is important to know that this device is designed only for dry herbs and can not perform vapor-liquid tasks.

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