Quality CBD Products in Australia: Prices and Availability

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Quality CBD Products in Australia

Whether you are a regular cannabidiol consumer or want to experience the benefits of CBD for the first time, getting access to quality products in Australia requires some research and extra effort. Unlike the United States, Canada and most Western European countries, Australia still does not allow physical dispensaries to operate, and therefore the market is limited to online companies and door-to-door delivery.

Which CBD Products are Available in Australia?

Despite the stricter regulations, the offer of CBD products in Australia is just as large as it is in other regions of the world. You can choose between sublingual tinctures, edibles, vape liquids, topicals and even cannabidiol-infused protein powders.

Before deciding to make your first purchase, it is useful to understand the differences and recommended uses of each CBD product. While isolates contain only cannabidiol, full-spectrum tinctures also include other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes which enhance their effect and provide faster pain relief and relaxation.

On the other hand, CBD edibles come in many shapes and concentrations. While cannabidiol-infused gummies are certainly the most popular, some companies have developed great alternatives such as the CBD-infused honey by Down to Earth. Chocolates and cookies are also commonly seen in online cannabidiol companies.

When it comes to topicals, customers can usually choose between lotions and creams. Some of them contain natural extracts from Aloe Vera, menthol and peppermint to provide a fresh sensation to the skin and help reduce inflammation and pain.

Are CBD Products Expensive?

Although CBD products might have a reputation for being expensive, the global trend towards complete legalisation is opening the doors to a real free market. Just as with other industries, de-regularization brings more competition into the field, improving the quality of the products and pushing down prices for the final customers.

Prices for each product can vary widely depending on the company, extraction method and concentration levels, but full spectrum tinctures can usually be bought for anything between AUD$100 and AUD$250. In the case of cannabidiol edibles, it is possible to find CBD-infused gummies for as little as AUD$30, cannabidiol-infused honey for less than AUD$50 and even cooking hemp seed oil for around AUD$25.

With lotions and creams, the price usually depends on both the CBD concentration and the additional ingredients. Cannabidiol salves with chamomile, arnica, juniper or peppermint are usually sold for around AUD$60. Other common products include lip balms and pure cannabidiol serums.

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