Ricky Williams a former football Star confesses of how marijuana healed him and opens his own marijuana brand (company)

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The scar is lifting from Cannabis and Ricky Williams. The well known ex-university football star and pro going back never run from his Marijuana intake. Even when four break-down drug analyses persisted his eleventh season National Football League course, bringing about halt and him losing a lot of money.

Almost fourteen seasons after getting a title “pothead” for not passing his first drug trial, Ricky, 40, is regarded as a diviner, with about 91% of Americans in aid for grown-up medical cannabis use and National Football League gesturing it’s open to considering cannabis for pain management.With his fifteen years studying comprehensive curing and satisfactoriness to the marijuana community, Now Ricky Williams has opened his own cannabis brand.

Ricky Williams propelled “Real Wellness” in California with six items created to be absorbed into the day to day habits; they are made by combining cannabidiol and THC with a herbal quotation. Williams believes that a condition cannot be treated by a single herb, through a combination of herbs, one gets the best treatment and relieve side effects of any of the given herb.

Taking an example of the brand’s Serenity Tonic, the ratio of CBD to THC is 3:1 while Serenity Vape has a ratio of 1:1.5 of the same; in both cases you can add catnip, poppy, chamomile, lemon, passionflower, and lavender. According to Ricky’s company, the combination soothes the mind and body. RW’s read Ease Vape is created to spot pressure and headaches with THC, adding chamomile peppermint, white willow, angelica and other herbs.

Ricky is of the opinion that the possible reappearance of the herbalism is the real deal of Marijuana rise. From his study which is a continuation of Chinese herbalism, Ricky is coming across methods created almost over 2,000 years ago which are used even today.  Most people don’t know about herbalism and reason being that it comes from a different culture.

A merger was formed between Ricky and California’s OutCo to produce marijuana,except cannabinoids and to create products using his study Aryuvedic and Chinese medicine. He said that the partnership was as a result of the personal meeting between him and CEO Lincoln Fish. They both had the same ideal of wellness product using the herbal stock.


Getting to the wellness, Ricky also has interest in athletics and RW’s sports line incorporates a high CBD tonic with; cinnamon bark, licorice, hook vine and white peony. According to the manufactures it increases blood flow and enhances focus.Postgames, care, and repair Salve combo CBD with camphor oil, calendula, cayenne, arnica, and St. John’s Wart helps to reconstruct flesh and joints

The question comes up when an athlete is suspended from the sport he or she loves for Marijuana use under “substance use” thinking that they might increase performance.Williams confirms that natural herbs are not drugs thus an athlete that eats well performs better and there is herb formulation for building muscle.

Williams is a great believer that marijuana together with herbs and the entire healing can improve lives and he hopes his advancement and new wellness business will go on with his vision, not a Heisman Trophy winner.

He wishes to be remembered by the people he has treated and the lives he has changed and through them, the world shall know of his good deeds.

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