Snoop Dogg the Godfather of marijuana

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snoop dogg godfather marijuana

Snoop Dog has made huge investments in marijuana, that his name has almost become synonymous with it. He has a never-ending strong passion for weed. What most of the people don’t know is that Snoop Dogg has raised over $40 million in marijuana investments.

CalvisBroadhaus alias Snoop Dog is mostly known for his illustrious music career. He is best known for songs like ‘Doggystyle’ and ‘Reincarnated’ this, does not change the fact that music can go down as his second most productive career after marijuana investment.

Snoop Dogg is one of the few marijuana investors who has made such a huge impact. Snoop co-founded Casa Verde Capital in 2015. Casa Verde is a business venture which specializes in the ancillary part of cannabis business. This business deals with burgeoning cannabis business instead of dealing with the real plant itself. The auxiliary side includes health, tech, financial services, media, compliance, technology and other stuff such as laboratory technology verticals.

Snoop Dogs firm is still far from reaching its apex despite having been in business for over three years now. The firm, however, has experienced some big moves in the recent past. It in last days closed its debut fund which saw it raise over $45 million for future investment in marijuana.

During an interview, Karan Wadhera, who is the managing partner of Snoop Dogg’s firm, emphasized that the $45 million was achieved through collective efforts from individual investors as well as concerned partnerships.

According to Wadhera, the company has continuously found it challenging to raise money at its initial stages.  Snoop Dogg’s name, however, was able to market the companies ancillary model of business hence quickly attracting investors.


The company is currently writing seed stage to size-A checks hence a rough estimate of $1 million targets. Follow on investments is one of the key goals for the company, as they have channeled, have their investments into it.  Wadhera also stresses that they are only investing in the ancillary part of the marijuana business; therefore, they will have nothing to do with the real plant. They will not invest in companies that produce marijuana, marijuana dispensaries as well as weed cultivators and manufacturers.

Casa Verde capital looks into developing many start-ups cannabis companies such as Eaze, Leaf link and greenbits. The company has greatly made its name known through media, financial and tech sectors of marijuana industries.

Snoop Dogg plays an important role in the company as he is the brand’s ambassador. He is however at times involved in management responsibilities in the media-related sector. His role and participation in the company markets the company and adds credibility to its course. According to Wadhera Snoop is also very reliable and does well in every part he is given to handle.

Snoop gets his hands occasionally dirty when it comes to the investment process. This, as Wadhera says has been seen in his involvement with Mary Jane project.  MJ is a project which is based on lifestyle media focusing on marijuana, and it is his gold mine.

Snoop Dogg was one of the bold people who made a career talking about marijuana when it was majorly considered an illegal drug. He has over the years metamorphosed into investing in the legal marijuana business. His shift of focus from unlawful weed to legalized marijuana has dramatically helped expel stigmatization of the drug. It is beautifying marijuana’s name.

Casa Verde has been extra active in recent past. It invested in a new sector of cannabis industry-testing in November. The firm injected $1 million into the investment which simply deals with canalysis. Canalysis is the process of testing medical and recreational marijuana products from cultivators, dispensaries, and manufacturers.

It is the firms hope that their current $45 million is just but a stepping stone to a more promising future believes Wadhera.

Snoop Dogg’s life

  • Snoop dog got arrested immediately he graduated from high school and charged with possession of cocaine.
  • He was again charged with possession and intention to sell drugs in 1990.
  • He was a prime suspect in the death of Philip Woldemariam who was shot and killed by Snoops bodyguard as Snoop was driving. Woldermariam was a member of snoops rivals gang.
  • In 1997 he pleaded guilty to being in possession of a firearm and was fined $1000. He also got some community service and three-year probation.
  • He got acquitted from a $22 million damage fee case in 2009 after being accused of harassing a fan in 2005.
  • In 2006 Snoop Dogg was arrested on several occasions. Most of his escapades have been at the airports. He was arrested at the John Wayne airport after the detectors found a collapsible police button with him. He was also arrested at Bob Hope Airport for a traffic infraction.  He was also arrested at Heathrow airport by the British Airways.
  • He has also been banned from entering several countries, Norway for testing positive to marijuana which is illegal there, Australia due to his criminal record and the UK after causing chaos and property destruction at Heathrow airport.

Snoop Dogg’s Music

Snoop Dog is famous for promoting marijuana use through his music. Here are some of his biggest hits:

  • Doggystyle (1993)
  • Doggfather (1996)
  • Da game is to be sold not to be told (1998)
  • No limit top Dogg (1999)
  • The last meal (2000)
  • Malice n Wonderland (2009)
  • Doggumentary (2011)
  • Reincarnated (2013)
  • Bush (2015)
  • Coolaid (2016)

Snoop Dogg has once appeared as a judge for the 7th annual Independent Music Awards to support independent artist careers.

Snoop has had a hard time dealing with his marijuana campaigns at the same time being a family man. This saw him divorce his wife after a decade blessed with three kids, but they remarried five months later. He has had to quit being a member of the Muslim nation and join the Rastafarians of Jamaica who baptized him snoop lion. He also released the reggae song ‘reincarnated’ in honor of these new-found religion mainly associated with marijuana.

The never-ending belief in marijuana by Snoop has made him stand out from other musicians. He has branded himself as an original, unlike other musicians who have pimped themselves into modern life.

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