Super Cropping Cannabis

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Cropping Cannabis

If you cultivate cannabis, then you must know what cropping is. Most likely, you’ve cropped your plants already. However, there’s a difference between simple cropping and super cropping. The latter involves advanced techniques and in-depth knowledge of the plant to ramp up the yield. Your cannabis plants will produce more yields than ever before!

Inexperienced growers might not be in the best position to start super cropping their plants. However, with our handy guide ready to help you out, anyone can do it. We’ll tell you what super cropping is, how it can be done, and what it can do for your cannabis plants.

What is super cropping?

There’s no doubt that cropping a plant stresses it out and places it under a lot of strain. However, it’s that strain that forces it to grow even stronger and more durable than before. In essence, when super cropping, you’re bending chosen branches of the plant to rupture the inner fibers. However, you should leave the external layer of the plant intact.

Darwinism and natural selection state that, under duress, anything can and will adapt. Such is the case with your plant. If you break the plant’s inner tissue, the next branch will be even more vigorous, and it will bear a more significant yield. The plant perceives your actions to be an attack, so it ramps up the production of nutrients and trichomes for defensive roles.

Lastly, according to BudStars, by super cropping your plants, you are controlling its growth rate and direction of the branches. Because you caused damage to the branches, the plant will form stronger nodules at the breaking point to sustain the entire plant’s structure. This is beneficial because a more robust structure can produce and sustain a bigger yield.

Cropp CannabisHow and when do you super crop?

In the beginning, you should super crop your plant a few days before the flowering period starts. That way, the plant has enough time to strengthen itself and recover from the damage you deal. One important thing to remember is that a sick or malnourished plant might not resist the cropping procedure. That’s why you should make sure your plants are at peak health before super cropping them.

After you do this a few times and become experienced, you can do a second super cropping during the two weeks of the flowering stage. At that stage, the plant will undergo another massive growth burst. That’s the final time you should perform the super cropping technique. Water the plant abundantly afterward!

Of course, you’re free to try your own timings and see what works best. Perhaps you’ll manage to super crop your plant during a critical moment, and the resulting yield is even bigger than we’d anticipated.

You only need your hands, some duct tape, a piece of string to keep the branches in place, and some garden stakes. Follow this process to super crop your plants:

  • Select a branch that is mature and resistant enough to resist the process. You don’t want a young or old one.
  • Squeeze the bottom of the branch with your fingers. Then, bend the branch in the direction that you want the branch to grow. Ideally, if you’ve done it correctly, the branch should stay in the new position easily.
  • Continue doing this as you go along the branch and crop anything that seems alright.
  • Tie the branch with string in every place you cropped

The process requires some finesse and patience to it. If you break a few branches while doing so, don’t worry, we can still fix it. Bandage the broken branch with duct tape and tie it to another, healthy branch so it can stay in the desired direction. The plant will reinforce and heal the fractured branch by itself. In about a week, you can remove the bandage to see a healthy branch.

Using this technique means you’ll be growing your cannabis yield by a lot in the span of a single growth session. If you do this the right way, then you won’t have to worry about your cannabis inventory for quite some time. Moreover, the plants will also be more potent and aromatic than plants grown in a traditional way. As we’ve said, following the super cropping, the cannabis plant produces more cannabinoids and terpenes automatically, to prepare for further attacks on your part.

If you’ve got what it takes, you can even try combining the super crop technique with the LST or main-lining techniques. Only you can anticipate the results!

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