The Entourage Effect: Potentializing the Benefits of Hemp

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If you are planning to buy a CBD product, you might be having a hard time trying to figure out the differences between CBD isolates and Full Spectrum CBD oil. These two alternatives are widely available at physical and online retailers but, while they might look similar, they produce entirely different results and the decision to buy one or another depends on the user´s specific needs.

The confusion between isolates and broad-spectrum or full-spectrum CBD oil has been present ever since cannabidiol started being legalized across the world and the scientific research on its benefits became more widespread. This short guide will help you understand which product suits you best.

CBD Isolates: Pure Cannabidiol

While looking for hemp-derived products, cannabidiol is the most easily recognized component and the main component of any CBD tincture. In the United States, organic CBD oil wholesale accounts for a large part of the cannabidiol industry, with customers using it to treat anything from anxiety to stress, inflammation and even the symptoms of certain types of cancer.

However, cannabidiol is not the only component present in the hemp plant. To manufacture CBD isolates, companies must use advanced extraction techniques to isolate cannabidiol from hundreds of other cannabinoids and terpenes which are also present in the leaves and flowers. Perhaps the most well-known of these components is THC, which is responsible for the psychoactive effects of untreated cannabis.

CBD isolates are a good choice for users who do not want to consume anything apart from cannabidiol for any reason. Most isolates are sublingual tinctures which are mixed with some carrier substance to facilitate the absorption of cannabidiol into the bloodstream through the mucous membranes under the tongue.

In the United States and most Western Countries, cannabidiol isolates are sold in a wide range of concentrations starting at around 250mg and up to 5000mg or more per bottle.

Full Spectrum: Cannabidiol and Much More

For customers who want to enjoy all cannabinoids in the cannabis plant, full spectrum CBD products are the best choice. These oils and edibles contain not only cannabidiol but also other naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes.

It is easy to understand why full spectrum CBD products might be more effective than isolates; more cannabinoids and terpenes means better and faster results. Some of these components have enormous therapeutic benefits on their own, having been used for decades to treat a wide range of conditions even before CBD became popular.

However, apart from the individual cannabinoids´ beneficial properties, there is an added mechanism which enhances the overall effectiveness of full spectrum tinctures and makes them a great choice for both experienced users and new cannabidiol consumers.

Entourage Effect: Combined Efforts for an Increased Effectiveness

Thoroughly studied by CBD scientists, the entourage effect refers to the mechanisms through which the different cannabinoids and terpenes of the hemp plant work together to potentialize each other’s effects and provide better results overall.

In the United States and most Western countries, full spectrum CBD tinctures are readily available for individual consumers. It is believed that the entourage effect can reduce any traces of psychoactive components such as THC left in the product after extraction.

While the exact way in which the entourage effect takes place is not yet fully understood, different tests have proven that full spectrum tinctures have a higher effectiveness in the neurological transmitters of the brain, making them ideal for people suffering from stress, anxiety and other related conditions.

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