The Right Way of Storing Cannabis Concentrates and the Edibles

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Storing Cannabis Concentrates and the Edibles

In case you have marijuana concentrates or edibles, we all know that you cannot eat all of them in just one sitting.If you are curious, you can start with something easy like Freshleaf CBD gummies.  There is the need to know how to properly use it if you are going to end up with such concentrates. Without a proper storage, you can be sure to have a bit of a problem using them later. This is because the concentrates and edibles can easily go bad if you do not take care of the storage.

Risks of improper storage

You have to keep in mind that storing marijuana is not just to hide your good stuff from friends, but generally keep it good for longer. It is essential to use the right methods so that the concentrates and edibles are able to remain fresh all the time.

Below are some of the things you can expect to affect the marijuana taste and freshness.

  • The humidity and moisture
  • Bugs
  • Contamination
  • Heat sources
  • Having direct light or sun exposure

As you can see, these are things that can easily be in any environment. As a result, there is the need to take the time and know how best to address them. If cannabis is left exposed to these conditions even just for a few days, it will definitely go bad.

Common storage options

When it comes to the storage, it is not just about using any storage material that you find. Well, you are likely to get many opinions of people stating how you should store marijuana. It is definitely important that you get to use the right method or else you will end up with stale cannabis. So, what are some of the best methods to use?

  • Use silicone containers. The silicone containers are seen to be ideal for those who are looking for short term storage. It is important that you get to choose the right container size as the amount of cannabis you want to store. This helps with minimizing the amount of moisture build up.
  • Using air tight containers. The air tight containers are usually used for long term storage or even a month. This should be good for those who are not in a hurry to consume their marijuana. Some of the common options under here include the use of the ziplock food bag which is then placed in the air tight container.
  • The use of glass jars is another option for the users to consider. The use of glass jars is something that has been around for a while to work great for the storage of cannabis products. Just make sure that you are not storing the sticky concentrates in the glass jar. You will have to wrap it in a parchment paper so that the edibles do not stick to the glass.
  • Another option for you to use will be freezing. This method is good for storing our concentrates for long periods of even up to a year. There is no doubt this is going to be the best option for many people all the time.

Storing Edibles

When it comes to storing the edibles, it is common to find many people recommending that you use the fridge. This is where you get to keep the edibles fresh and good for consuming later one. Since you get edible being made of oil, flour, and sugar, they will tend to get mold more often and go bad quickly. There is no doubt you will want to keep them in good condition all the time.

If you are going to buy the commercial edibles, make sure to check the best before date. This gives you a good idea of what kind of storage you are looking to get with such kind of product. Keep the edibles in an airtight container before placing in the fridge. Using of plastic wraps might affect the taste.

Important Tips

  • If possible, you might want to avoid the use of transparent containers as cannabis can be affected by the light coming through the container.
  • Avoid using the plastic bags as they tend to trap moisture which might affect the edibles. It is better to use glass and the silicone containers.
  • Make sure to use gloves when placing the concentrates or edibles in parchment paper. This is to avoid transferring the bacteria and oils in your hands to the edibles.

As you can see, there is a bit of work involved when it comes to storing of marijuana and related products.Check out Fresh Leaf full spectrum CBD oil for more information about CBD oil. Make sure to adopt the right method to make sure that you have a great time enjoying your edibles later on.


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