Top 10 Female Celebrity Marijuana Lovers

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Female Celebrity Marijuana

Marijuana has always been associated with masculinity for generations. Well here is a list of 10 female celebrities that will prove you wrong. They have been seen smoking in public and some of them are big critics of marijuana laws.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is famously known for the roles she played in ‘Star Wars Prequel trilogy’ as Padme Amidala, she was also featured in the Black Swan movie. She is decorated with an academy award, the Golden Globe Award and the Screen Actors  Guild  Award.

Natalie however, confessed that she was a thorough stoner in her early days but she quit smoking a few years ago. She confessed to this in an interview with the Entertainment Weekly magazine.

Whoopi Goldberg

Also known as Caryn Elaine Johnson, Whoopi Goldberg is a big actor, comedian and author of our time. She boasts of several awards which include, an Emmy Award, a Grammy Award and an Academy award. She is also the second black woman to have won an academy award.

Apart from her flourishing career, Whoopi is a big advocate for marijuana legalization. She runs a company which produces women products with infused marijuana. Whoopi also uses marijuana to treat her glaucoma.


Rihanna is one of the most popular female artists in the R&B world. She is famous for songs likeDiamonds, work,andUnapologeticwhich has won her awards including two Grammy awards. Her music has broken several records in term of streaming and on billboards singles.

Everyone knows that Rihanna and marijuana rhyme both literally and figuratively. It is thought that she has more photos of herself with the herb than without it. She is one of the celebrities who has not hidden it.

Drew Barrymore

Barrymore is well known as an actress, director, author and model.  She has been associated with drugs her entire life having been admitted into rehab twice in her younger days. She has featured in films such as Poison Ivy (1992), Screams (1996) and Ever After (1998). She was also part of the cast in the following movies the wedding singer, 50 first Dates and Blended in her recent years.

Barry was also an AmbassadorAgainst Hunger for the UN World Food Programme and she contributed immensely to this cause.

As her young years were heavily marked with drug abuse, it is not a surprise that Drew Barrymore still smokes marijuana and have once been spotted enjoying pot with Cameron Diaz in Hawaii.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz is a producer, actress, author and a renowned fashion model. She started her acting career in early 90’s when she was featured in The Mask film. She has since received stardom roles in films such as there is something about Mary, The Shrek as the voice of Princess Fiona. Uptonow, she has been featured in more than 20 films between 2000 and 2014.

Her roles have seen her scoop the Golden Globe Award nominations as well as New York Film Best Lead Actress Award in 2002.

Her love for marijuana developed in her highschool days when she used to obtain it from Snoop Dogg. She is still a big fan of marijuana to this very day.

Kirsten Dust

The 36-year-old American actress, Kirsten Dust, is famously known for her key role as Claudia in the film Interview with the Vampire. She made her debut inthefilm industry when she was featured in Oedipus Wreck in 1989 at the age of seven. She has since appeared in manyfilms including, Jumanji, Little Women, get over it (2001) and many more.

She has won Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress 1990 as well as Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festivals.

Kirsten is a big critic of illegalization of marijuana and believes that the world would be a better place with legal marijuana.

Frances McDormand

Frances is one of the most decorated Hollywood celebrities, she has won a ton of awards which includes two Academy Awards, a Tony Award and two Primetime Awards branding her a triple-crowned actor.

She was featured in films such as Blood Simple, hail Caesar and North Country and more than twenty other films.

Frances shocked many when she admitted to High Times that she is a pot lover and she uses the drug for recreational purposes.

Jennifer Aniston

Jeniffer is an American film producer and an actress. She also has numerous business ventures. In her acting career, Jennifer has featured in the films such as Bruce Almighty, The Break-up, Marley & Me, and Just got it. She is however popularly known for her role as Rachel Greenon the television show Friends. The role saw secure one Golden Globe Award,  one Primetime Award and Screen Actors Guild.

Jennifer has however confessed that she loves weed and she does not see anything wrong with using the drug. This might have come as a surprise to many.

Paris Hilton

Paris was born to the Hilton Hotels family and natured by the Trump Modeling Agency which are just a few facts about the most controversial New Yorker beauty of all time. The controversy surrounding her life has brought her to the limelight of celebrityhood.

She has been featured in TV series the Simple Life whose production was full of controversy.  She has also published a book Confessions of Hairess which become a best seller.

Paris is a weed lover and she does not hide it. She has been arrested severally on marijuana-related grounds but she is just unstoppable.

Miley Cyrus

Miley is the love of pop music in the current generation. She also has a thriving acting career apart from her successful music industry. She has featured in the Big fish Television series and Hannah Montana in 2006. She has tried to stick to her father’s footsteps in the film industry.

Her success in the music industry has seen Five of her singles top the US Billboard 200.  Her recent music includes Malibu, pop rock Breakout and the extended Ply of Our Times.

Miley is a proud joint smoker and she does not hide it. She has been seen lighting it on stage without fear of criticism

Juliette Lewis

Juliet was a 90s star actress. She featured in films like What’s Eating Gilbert Grape, Natural Born Killers. She has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards as well as Academy Awards.

Although Juliet refuses to the use of marijuana currently, she agrees to have smoked heaps of weed when she was engaged to Brad Pitt.


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