U.S. Pro Sports League Welcomes CBD Products

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us pro sports league cbd

A sports league is currently reconsidering CBD’s capability.

The former Colorado State running back and now cannabis trader Treyous Jarrells stated that they have ground-breaking news.

Green Roads World’s division and Jarrells’ employer as consultant, Green Roads Athletics, has became the first ever CBD-related company to openly participate in the professional sports industry.

According to Jarrells, the company is now the Official Alternate Nutrition fof the North American Premier Basketball after securing a deal with them.

He then stated that athletes such as himself have been making a tremendous effort to prove out that CBD could be an alternative to medicines such as opioids, stimulants, painkiller shots and over the counter drugs. The company will now begin providing the league CBD products developed by pharmacists, organize education conferences, and participate in community events.

While a number of people have not caught ear of the NAPB yet, this undertaking could cause impact. As former Super Bowl champion and CBD proponent and tycoon Marvin Washington comments regarding this subject, it is huge news.

Washington remarked that CBD’s involvement with professional sports leagues must begin regardless of league, and with Colorado legalized the use of recreational marijuana six years ago, the advocation of the usage of CBD for athlete is a headstart courtesy of the NAPB, Jarrells, and Green Roads. According to him, this is great news is where it all starts.

NAPB’s History

The North American Premier Basketball is a recently-founded, minor North American pro basketball league focused on reviving defunct basketball teams. Founded by New York State team owner Dr. Sev Hrywnak, and ex-Commissioner of the National Basketball League of Canada (NBLC) Dave Magley, the NAPB took two years in identifying cities which does not have a representation in either the NBA, original ABA, CBA or D-League now, but had one before.

For the league’s season opening for 2017-2018, eight teams have joined the NAPB:

  • Kentucky Thoroughbreds
  • Albany Patroons
  • Rochester RazorSharks
  • Ohio Cardinals
  • Nevada Desert Dogs
  • Yakima SunKings
  • Kansas City Tornados
  • Vancouver Knights

While NAPB does sports, it does more than meets the eye, as mentioned by Green Roads’ Founder Arby Barroso. According to him, the NAPB also contributes to the community through its players getting involved and helping children around the U.S. With an added 15-minute explanation on the various charity events, donations and educational programs the company advocates, Barroso concludes that Green Roads and the NAPB is a match made in Heaven.

To further prove out his point, Barroso remarked that the company has assisted more than a million people and is currently providing financial support for over 50 families. In addition, he mentioned of the company’s partnerships with non-profit organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Autism Speaks, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, NFL Alumni, and Big Brothers and Sisters of America, et cetera.

An Insight to U.S. Pro Sports League Welcoming CBD Products

The NAPB being the first professional sports league in the U.S. who authorizes and supports the use of CBD products towards its athletes is considered an important matter as it may set a new standard towards the sports industry.

Starting in 2018, CBD is added to the list of authorized substances that can be taken by the World Anti-Doping Agency, the one responsible of drug testing of Olympic athletes. Nevertheless, it is still prohibited, or at least frowned upon, among all major professional sports leagues in the U.S. This backlash has affected athletes, most particularly football players, in which a lot of them are cannabis and/or CBD supporters, who are complaining about being forced to use opioids as pain-killing agents.

With NAPB’s movement of welcoming CBD, Washington stated his satisfaction towards witnessing such event, as opioid addiction has becoming a rampant issue among players and ex-players of all four major U.S. sports leagues. Washington even remarked that “the leagues are poisoning their players”, mentioning the pharmaceutical routine he have experienced during his 11-year career in the NFL, and that non-addictive and nox-toxic substances like CBD are the future of professional sports.

A professional sports league in the U.S. consenting to CBD medication towards its participants is a turning point in sports history. Follow us for more news surrounding the effect of this event towards other North American professional sports leagues.

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