Why an Old or Sick Dog Can Benefit From CBD Oil

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CBD Oil Benefits for Pets

Old and sick dogs have it rough. A senior dog may encounter several problems, some related to health, others related to their mobility, or even both. Large breeds usually age quicker than smaller ones, but eventually, they do get old without us noticing it. Time can affect their behavior, temperament, and their appetite, too.

As your dog goes old, age-related diseases may arise. Unfortunately, some of the diseases include joint problems, cognitive dysfunction syndrome, and cancer. In some cases, these diseases cannot be cured, but they can be treated. With these diseases, pain and mobility problems are one of the most common consequences. And believe it or not, CBD oil may help them with that.

But let’s further discuss CBD as a compound. CBD stands for cannabidiol, which is a substance extracted from cannabis, and according to earlier research, has therapeutic properties. Its benefits are many when it comes to treating pain and mobility problems.

For example, CBD and cannabis are being used to treat epileptic seizures, as well as to relieve the pain of those under chemotherapy. In some cases, both are used to deal with anxiety and insomnia.  For some people, smoking cannabis or consuming CBD related products is more efficient and healthy than taking sleeping pills, which usually have a lot of side effects.

For dogs, CBD products have pretty much the same benefits. For senior and sick dogs, they may be the perfect choice to help them deal with several problems.

Is It Legal, Though?

Usually, products containing cannabidiol are regulated by law and contain few to no THC, which is the compound found in cannabis that gives it its hallucinogenic qualities. So, Cannabidiol has no psychoactive properties, and won’t get your dog high.

This is great since THC can be toxic for most dogs, depending on the quantity consumed and type. This makes cannabidiol pretty safe and harmless for dogs.

Still, there are some possible side effects, like the ones mentioned in this article: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/cbd-oil-dogs-pros-cons_l_5d77b7e6e4b0645135754d14

There’s something you should consider, though: most of these side effects are pretty low-risk in comparison to the side effects of prescription drugs.  These side effects include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Dry mouth
  • Swollen Eyes
  • Nausea
  • Drowsiness
  • It may cause depression, which is very rare.

Take in mind that these side effects were found in humans during research, and the people suffering from them were few. You should understand that scientific investigation on cannabidiol is still in its early stages, and there are not certain pieces of information around. Still, most people giving their dogs cannabidiol products have found few to no side-effects, proving that they are pretty safe.

Is It Worth It?

Well, it depends on what you are going to use it for. You see, cannabidiol has many uses. For example, some people use it to keep their dogs calmed during trips, or if their dogs are very hyperactive or suffer from anxiety or stress. In some cases, they just need to do exercises to release the energy inside their bodies so they can release stress. In others, they may need medication, and that is when cannabidiol becomes a great option.

If your dog suffers from mobility complications or pain produced from a disease or illness, CBD products are also a great alternative since they can help your dog deal with the pain, or even recover some of its mobility functions.

Pain management is one of the great benefits of cannabidiol and should be considered as an alternative to prescription drugs or opioids, which contain a lot of side effects. This is even more important when there’s a senior dog in the formula. You should check this website for more information on the matter.

CBD can also help a dog with inflammation since it has anti-inflammatory properties which are pretty great. These benefits can be obtained from oral sources (like pills) or creams/oils applied to the skin. This is especially true when is used to treat Osteoarthritis since research (and even dog owners) have claimed that it helps a lot when it comes to slowing down and preventing the progression of the disease.

For senior dogs, the cannabidiol may help them deal with their joint problems, and the pain caused by them. Also, it can help them move when they are too old because it relieves pain and inflammation.

Some people use cannabidiol to help their dogs with their appetites, too. It can be used to increase or decrease your dog’s appetite depending on the type of product you decide to use.

Where Can I Get It?

There are some online stores where you can purchase CBD products, like this site. You can get CBD oil, but there are also other types of products, like snacks, food, and creams. There’s something you should consider, though: in some places, these products are not legalized.

You should research if you can purchase said products where you live. Also, a good recommendation is to ask your vet or research everything about cannabidiol. For example, doses vary a lot depending on the size, weight, and age of your dog.

Also, you should take in mind why you want to purchase those products before doing it, since some of them excel at relieving anxiety, while others are better to relieve pain and inflammation. It is said that oil is more effective than dog treats, but it depends heavily on the product you want to purchase.

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