Why Morgan Freeman uses CBD

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morgan freeman uses cbd

Morgan Freeman is a movie star loved by many people globally. Undoubtedly, his movies are exciting to watch.  Whether it’s through his graspable narration in the March of the Penguins, where he reminds us about the importance of environmental protection, or The Story of God, a National Geographic’s production where he weaves a human connection across various cultural differences, Freeman is a force to reckon with when it comes to the movie industry.

Amazingly, his unique voice that has narrated award-winning films is now being used in advocacy.  When we talk about advocacy, what does this actually mean? Basically, Freeman is now using his compelling voice and status to fight for cannabis legalization. Actually, his advocacy for marijuana use has greatly helped normalize the conversation.

After all, if a personality like Freeman, an artist who sometimes plays the role of God in movies (Evan Almighty and Bruce Almighty), uses cannabis and related supplements as an alternative remedy, it begs the question, how good or bad it could be? Freeman depicts the epitome of reason, both off and on screen. Certainly, his opinions on legalization are worth considering. If someone like him can depend on CBD to treat chronic pain, even the most outspoken critics should start questioning their opinions.

Freeman: A highly-regarded advocate for cannabis

Based on his recent interviews concerning this issue, we can safely guess that Morgan Freeman has been using weed for a long time, at least for recreational use. It appears as if marijuana’s potential medicinal applications were recommended to him not many years ago though. Actually, it is believed that he started using medical marijuana after being involved in a severe motor vehicle accident.

According to reports, the accident was horrifying, and his vehicle rolled many times. Paramedics had to use extraordinary means to get Freeman from the car. Virtually, the misfortune left his left shoulder, arm, and elbow very wounded. Although doctors tried their best to reconstruct the hand via an extensive surgical procedure, the nerve damage was practically irreparable.

Since the unfortunate incident, Freeman is usually seen wearing a compression glove to stop blood from pooling. In many interviews, he has discussed the pain he has to endure from this condition.

It was because of this unending pain that he eventually turned to medical marijuana. Like many people his age (over 80 years old), it seems as if Morgan Freeman never viewed marijuana as a treatment option until he so badly needed it. Now, practically, it something he can’t avoid anymore.

How cannabinoids such as CBD can ease chronic pain

Freeman has fibromyalgia pain in his arm, and according to him, the only thing which provides relief is cannabis. Though he has never specified the kind of cannabinoid or strain he takes, there is a considerable research about CBD’s effectiveness in managing chronic pain. It is likely therefore that, Freeman uses CBD for pain, possibly alongside other cannabinoids to capitalize on the Entourage effect.

By naturally imitating the endocannabinoids in the human bodies, CBD inhibits, stimulate, and regulate endocannabinoid receptor activity. Basically, CBD is known to inhibit painful feelings in the nervous system. In fact, it has shown to be beneficial for inflammatory pain, neuropathic pain, and other difficult to treat kinds of pain. CBD has really brought about an entirely new way of managing pain not only in human beings but also pets.

The future of CBD and marijuana advocacy

The medical use of CBD and cannabis by famous people such as Freeman is nothing new. Several other celebrities are known to use CBD for easing symptoms of many diseases and others use CBD vape juice to help with their anxiety and stress. For instance, Nate Diaz, the famous UFC fighter uses CBD to relieve pain. Michael J. Fox uses cannabis to manage the never-ending effects of Parkinson’s disease. Dan Bilzerian, a renowned social influencer is now an advocate of CBD oil. The list is significantly growing on a daily basis.

As more and more credible and celebrated personalities publicly discuss their medical use of CBD and related supplements, it is only a matter of time before cannabis is fully legalized.

Well, CBD supplements are legal in the US; however, its use and regulation, still remains a predicament, so to say the least. That said; clinical studies have, and will still continue to prove what we have known all along; that CBD and other related cannabis products are safe to use, and very effective treating various health disorders.

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