Why Smart People Use Marijuana?

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smart people marijuana

In our developmental years, we all were taught that drugs are used by losers who do not have anything to achieve in life or by stupid people who do it for fun. Usage of psychoactive drugs like- marijuana, opium dates back to more than 5000 years ago. Marijuana and opium are considered to be the oldest natural drugs and some references show its use for medical purposes at the time of the Chinese Emperor Shen Nung as well. Other drugs we see today have been manufactured with the help of modern chemistry. Consumption of natural drugs like marijuana, tobacco, opium is from a long period of time than that of modern era drugs.

And there is no denying in that famous people like-artists, scientists, inventors have enjoyed a different life that was full of luxury and addiction to drugs. An example to that is- Sigmund Freud, considered to be the father of psychoanalysis was very addicted to cocaine and he used to consume it while carrying his famous research works. Steve jobs who is considered to be one of the most influential minds in this modern generation of computing world has witnessed was also fond of a drug available at that time. He himself said that taking that drug was one of his most important thing to do.

A survey was carried out by the medical authorities in which they found that individuals who were having a high IQ in childhood have a very strong possibility of consuming drugs when they reach at the age of 30-35. The authorities examined the usage of drugs and its effect on educational and socioeconomic factors and they have found the link of IQ with the usage of cannabis. During the whole process of this test IQ stats of the people were collected during the age of 5-10 years and again during 16-30 years of age and they found that people who developed a good IQ health were using drugs than that of those people who were having a low IQ score.

At the age of 30, about 37 percent of men and 15 percent of women were claimed of smoking marijuana. Researchers say that people with high intelligence are open to different experiences and sometimes due to anxiety disorders, they consume drugs to escape out from those tensions.


Another important fact could also be that cannabis plant is not harmful and can act as a supplement to enhance certain mental processes which lead to higher IQ. So from this, we can conclude some points-

➔    Marijuana gives the freedom of ideas and creativity which helps in narrowing down the focus of the individual to a certain task at a certain period of time. It slows down the thought process and prevents from accomplishing future tasks.

➔    It creates a common denominator or we can say acts as a unifier in the same way in which people gather for a creative purpose or a team builds up to work together in order to achieve a goal without considering the circumstances of intelligence.

➔    People with a great understanding know better about drugs than the people with average understanding. It is because of their tendency to investigate and experiment everything in their own way that is being told to them and thus challenging the existing theories. Average minds might not accept the drug propaganda just because of the values they have got from their teachers and parents in early stages of life.

But people with extraordinary mind find answers to the question regarding what’s wrong with consumption of drugs. They investigate it thoroughly in their own manner.

➔    Drugs help people in making more connections and let them express their thoughts differently than others. It generates ideas that a person might not have fully explored and let the brain to run down a few miles for that without considering the consequences just to find out the answer.

➔    Cannabis does not create such a type of laziness or lack of energy the next like alcohol or other toxicants does. It lets the person enjoy his life as he does not think about what would happen next.


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